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AUDITIONS for Pollyanna, the Musical

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Actors ages 6 -100 may audition, but child speaking parts are available only for two children, Pollyanna and Jimmy Bean and a few one-liners for other children. Child actors 12 and under will receive roles as orphans and school girls and will be required to have an adult accompany them to every rehearsal. Teen and adult actors who do not receive speaking roles will also receive roles as townsmen, dancers and singers.


Performances for "Pollyanna the Musical" will be June 3, 4, 5, 7. Plus a Saturday matinee. Call/text (435)241-8131 for information

Leads with speaking parts:

Pollyanna: age 10, or look about that age must sing and dance. Large role, lots of lines, several songs

Jimmy Bean: age 10 or look about that age must sing and dance

Aunt Polly: middle aged, 40-50 sings

Dr. Chilton: middle aged, 45-55 sings

Mr. Pendleton: 40-60 man, sings

Nancy: 20-30 sings, dances

Mrs. Snow: sickly woman in town: 40-50 sings

Millie; 20-30

Reverend Ford: 30 or older

Mrs. Ford: 30 or older

Tom: older man sings

Letty: older woman sings

Bridgette: 20-30 sings, dances

Timothy: 20-30 sings dances

Mrs. Potter: 40 or older

Mrs. White: 40 or older

Ladies Aiders: any age adult

The Matron: any age adult

School Marm: any age adult

6-8 Townsmen: different ages sing and dance

6-8 orphans: ages 6-12 sing and dance

6-8 School children: ages 6-12 sing and dance

Little Pollyanna: age 5-6 looks like Pollyanna

Rev. Whittier: Pollyanna's father, age 30 - 40

Contact Us

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Call/Text (435)241-8131 email: Facebook: The Old Grantsville Church

Hours of Operation

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The Old Grantsville Church has limited hours of operation, and we allow a limited number of  events, because it is also a residence with a Home Ocupation Busines License through the City of Grantsville, Utah, so book your event early! Call/Text (435)241-8131

Building Rental Information

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Building rental fees and policies for The Old Grantsville Church: DEPOSIT All bookings must pay a deposit, in advance, of either... (a) a credit card number which will be run for $25 initially to determine that the card is a working card, with the balance of fees (see below) for the event to be paid at your arrival on the day of your event. This number will also be used to pay for damages to the property by any person attending your event or for cleaning left undone after your event, or (b) a check, money order or cash in the amount of $300, payable to The Old Grantsville Church, to be used in the event of damages to the property by any person attending your event or for cleaning left undone after your event, to be returned at the end of the event if there has been no damages or cleaning left undone. Deposits will be held, NOT deposited or cashed unless needed at end of event. In the event of damage or deep cleaning needs, any unused portion of the deposit checks will be returned to you within 7 days of the completion of the cleaning or repairs. The balance of fees (see below) are due at your arrival on the day of your event. Alcohol is ONLY allowed on the premises as part of a special ceremony, such as the exchanging of vows, approved by the owners, not for refreshments or toasts, and an extra returnable $300 deposit is required, with a signed agreement. Included in daily or hourly fee(see below) is use of the chapel (large gathering room), entry, kitchenette, 2 public restrooms, bride's room , grounds, banquet tables, round tables, folding chairs, and any existing decor on the premises. Tablecloths, chair slip covers or sound equipment are only available by paying an additional rental fee. -Gently-used white or ivory tablecloths are available for rent at $5 each. -Ivory chair slipcovers are available for rent at $1 each. -A hand-held microphone, speaker, mixer and auxiliary cord are available to rent for $50 total. We will remove any of our existing decor that you do not wish to use. FEES Weddings/Receptions/Wedding luncheons................. either $500/event (one entire day) or $100/hr.with 1 hr. free toward set-up Family Gatherings, Parties, Meetings, Non-Wedding Meal Events........................$250/event (one entire day) or $ 50/hr. with 1 hr. free toward set-up Sunday religious celebrations..............................speak with owner We will set-up and take-down your tables and/or chairs and do basic cleaning for.... Wedding-related events ..........................................$100/hour Non-wedding events....................................................$50/hour Non-profit organizations may use the building on a non-regular basis for $20/hr. (1 hr. free toward set-up ) As your event draws near, If there is nothing booked the night before, you may come in and set up then at no extra charge. If there is an event booked, you may set up after the event is finished, even if it is late. You may also arrive very early in the morning to set-up. Call/Text (435)241-8131 for more info.