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Contact us: Call/Text (435)241-8131 , Email: [email protected], Facebook: Old Grantsville Church, or Facebook: Children's Theatre at the Old Grantsville Church.


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Hours of Operation

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The Old Grantsville Church has limited hours of operation, and we allow a limited number of  events, because it is also a residence with a Home Ocupation Busines License through the City of Grantsville, Utah, so book your event early! Call/Text (435)241-8131

Children's Theatre Classes

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Children's Theatre at the Old Grantsville Church (formerly After School Drama) is an educational children's theatre program for ages 6 - 14, dedicated to BUILDING SELF-CONFIDENCE, and to teaching principles of acting and theatre production through classroom experiences, rehearsals and performances.

Children's Theatre at The Old Grantsville Church announces registration for its Fall 2018 class session! Two different acting classes will be available for Kids ages 6 to 14, one for Homeschoolers on Friday mornings from 10 to 11:30am, beginning Fri Sept 7, and one on Tues afternoons from 4:15-5:45pm, beginning Tues Sept 4 . Both classes will continue until the middle of Nov with our 2 performance nights on Nov 16 and 17 at 7pm. Tuition for these classes is $35/actor/month, with a 10% discount for additional children in the same immediate family.

Actors in the class learn principles of acting and theatre production, as well as produce a one-act play, the title of which will be voted on from several options during the first day of class.

For more info, or to register, Call/text (435)241-8131 or reply to this message. Curriculum for the class includes principles of acting as well as theatre production.

In 2018, Children's Theatre at the Old Grantsville Church (CTOGC) opens it's 11th year as a Grantsville Business!

For more information, or to register, contact the director, below...

 Call Macae Wanberg at 435-241-8131 for more info, or email [email protected]

Contact Us...

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Contact us at ...

Facebook:The Old Grantsville Church

Call/Text (435)241-8131

Email: [email protected]

Building Rental Information

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Building rental fees and policies for The Old Grantsville Church:

Hours of operation are by appointment only, as this building is also a residence.  Call/Text (435)241-8131 for tours

(a) 2-hour minimum on all bookings

(b) All bookings must pay 2 deposits in advance: a $200 holding/damage deposit, to be returned at the end of the event if there has been no damage to the building or equipment, and a $100 cleaning deposit, also returnable at the end of the event. This must be paid either in 2 separate checks made out to The Old Grantsville Church, in cash, or by giving us a credit card number. Deposit checks will NOT be deposited or cashed unless needed at end of event.They will be placed in a file and returned to you at the end of the event, if there is no damage and everything is clean. Deposit cash will be placed in a savings account. The total fee is due as you enter the building on the day of your event. In the event of damage or deep cleaning needs, any unused portion of the deposit checks will be returned to you within 7 days of the completion of the cleaning or repairs. A credit card number can also be left on file as a deposit.

(c) Alcohol is only allowed on the premises as part of a special ceremony, such as the exchanging of vows, approved by the owners, not for refreshments or toasts, and an EXREA $300 deposit, in cash, is required, with a signed agreement.

(d) Included in daily or hourly fee(see below) is use of the chapel (large gathering room), entry, kitchenette, 2 public restrooms, bride's room , grounds, banquet tables, round tables, folding chairs, and any existing decor on the premises other than tablecloths. We will remove any decor you do not wish to use. Gently-used white tablecloths are available for rent at $4 each. 


Weddings/Receptions/Wedding luncheons.................................... $100/hr. or $500/event( one entire day)

(1 hr. free set-up/take-down when using hourly rate)

Family Gatherings, Parties, Meetings, Non-Wedding Meal Events........................$ 50/hr. or $250/event (one entire day)

(1 hr. free for set-up/take-downs)



We will set-up and take-down your tables and/or chairs and do basic cleaning for....

Wedding-related events …...........................................$100/hour

Non-wedding events....................................................$50/hour



Non-profit organizations may use the building on a non-regular basis for $20/hr. or $100/event (entire day)

(1 hr. free for set-up/take-down )


As your event draws near, If there is nothing booked the night before, you may come in and set up then at no extra charge. If there is an event booked, you may set up after the event is finished, even if it is late. You may also arrive very early in the morning to set-up. Call/Text (435)241-8131 for more info.

The only Sunday events we host are religious celebrations, such as baby blessing, confirmation, and missionary-related meal events.  All set-up and business arrangements for these events must be handled on a day other than Sunday. Call (435)241-8131 to discuss fees and arrangements.No weddings on Sundays.