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The Old Grantsville Church


The Old Grantsville Church Dinner Theatre presents 

Rodgers and Hammerstein's  The Sound of Music

Tickets are now on sale!

Ticket Link:

Or call/text (435)241-8131 to reserve tickets and pay at the door

The Old Grantsville Church Dinner Theatre presents "The Sound of Music"!


The Old Grantsville Church Dinner Theatre, located at 297 West Clark Street, Grantsville, Utah, presents Rodger's and Hammerstein's "The Sound of Music." A Dinner Theatre option is available on Friday and Saturday nights. Dates, Times, Ticket Prices and Caterers are as follows...

Thurs Oct 21 Show Only 7:00pm Adults(age13+) $10, Seniors (60+) $8, Kids(ages 4-12)$7, 3 and Unders FREE

Fri Oct 22 Dinner Theatre Option 6:30pm Karla Baum's Famous Pulled Pork $22

Fri Oct 22 Show Only 7:00pm Adults(age13+) $10, Seniors (60+) $8, Kids(ages 4-12)$7, 3 and Unders FREE

Sat MATINEE Oct 23 Show Only 1:00pm Adults(age13+) $10, Seniors (60+) $8, Kids(ages 4-12)$7, 3 and Unders FREE

Sat Oct 23 Dinner Theatre Option 6:30pm Costa Vida Taco Bar $22

Sat Oct 23 Show Only 7:00pm Adults(age13+) $10, Seniors (60+) $8, Kids(ages 4-12)$7, 3 and Unders FREE

Mon Oct 25 Show Only 7:00pm Adults(age13+) $10, Seniors (60+) $8, Kids(ages 4-12)$7, 3 and Unders FREE

Fri Oct 29 Dinner Theatre Option 6:30pm Panda Express Buffet $22

Fri Oct 29 Show Only 7:00pm Adults(age13+) $10, Seniors (60+) $8, Kids(ages 4-12)$7, 3 and Unders FREE

Sat MATINEE Oct 30 Show Only 1:00pm Adults(age13+) $10, Seniors (60+) $8, Kids(ages 4-12)$7, 3 and Unders FREE

Mon Nov 1 Show Only 7:00pm Adults(age13+) $10, Seniors (60+) $8, Kids(ages 4-12)$7, 3 and Unders FREE


To buy tickets online, use eventbrite. To reserve tickets and pay at the door, call/text (435)241-8131

Seating is in order of purchase and reservation.

Please let us know if you have a disability we can try to accommodate.

DOUBLE CAST SCHEDULE________________________________________________________

The 2 following character roles will have alternate schedules than those listed as red or blue:

Captain Von Trapp

Darin Arnell TH Oct 21, S matinee Oct 23, S eve Oct 23, F Oct 29

Jeremy Jex F Oct 22, M Oct 25, S matinee Oct 30, M Nov 1

Rolf Gruber

Dorian Dillon TH Oct 21, S eve Oct 23, F Oct 29, M Nov 1

Paul Thornton F Oct 22, S matinee Oct 23, M Oct 25, S matinee Oct 30

RED CAST (Performing on TH Oct 21, S Oct 23 matinee, F Oct 29 and M Nov 1)

Maria Rainer - Brittany Nielson

Sister Berthe - Sheena Ruggles

Sister Margaretta - Hollie Hendricks

Mother Abbess- Jenine Gillie

Sister Sophia - Jenni Trimble

Franz, the butler- Keven Wallace

Frau Scmidt, the housekeeper- Ann DeWeese

Liesl - Skyley Gutierrez

Friedrich - Coulter Thomsen

Louisa - Hollie Hoffman

Kurt - Shawn Trimble

Brigitta - Amelia Ruggles

Marta - Harper Cook

Gretl - Kenzie Hoffman

Elsa Shraeder -Airdrie Gillie

Ursula, a housemaid- Pashan Macurdy

Max Detweiler - Bryon Hinckley

Herr Zeller - Garrett Tate

Frau Zeller - Kayla Orton

Admiral Von Schreiber- Whit Cook

Fraulein Schweiger - Cassandra Arnell

Nun Soloists - Rachel Talbot, Chelsea Childs

Ensemble Actors will perform at all performances (See list at the bottom)

BLUE CAST (Performing on F Oct 22, S Oct 23 evening, M Oct 25, S Oct 30 matinee

Maria Rainer - Amber Scott

Sister Berthe - Celia Hart

Sister Margaretta - Sarah McCormick

Mother Abbess- Leslie Taylor

Sister Sophia - Jennie Mathews

Franz, the butler- Weston Miles

Frau Scmidt, the housekeeper- Christie Steadman

Liesl - Elizabeth Martinson

Friedrich - Eric Snyder

Louisa - Alba Nuttall

Kurt - Seth Handley

Brigitta - Claire Littlefield

Marta -Ainsley Scott

Gretl - Catelyn Mouritsen

Elsa Shraeder -Vanessa Knickerbocker

Ursula, a housemaid-Mariana Robinson

Max Detweiler - Joseph Knickerbocker

Herr Zeller - Mike Neff

Frau Zeller - Brittany Baldy

Admiral Von Schreiber- Tom Stam

Fraulein Schweiger - Vivienne Mathews

Nun Soloists - Wendy Keetch, Vivienne Mathews

Ensemble Actors below will perform in all shows.........................................

Nuns - Brittany Baldy, Cassandra Arnell, Vivienne Mathews, Kendyl Penney, Ann Marie Sheets, Rachel Talbot, Jessica Greenwald, Chelsea Childs, Lindsey Norvell, Wendy Keetch, Kayla Orton, Amy Woodruff, Tavia Wilcox

Novice Nuns- Lydia Curtis, Jaclynn Henninger, Hilda Penney, Rylee Dalton, Kahlea Burton, Naomi Handley,RyleeTyler, Holly Scott, Evalynn Handley, Lola Greenwald

Postulate Nuns - , Pashan Macurdy, Mariana Robinson, Abigail Arnell, Isabelle Lewis, ShaeTrimble, Mylee Miles, Emma Mouritsen, Emree Trimble, Taylor Fowlke, Arlie Jensen, Bretlynn Burton, Joselyn Knickerbocker, Malerie Hoffman

German Soldiers - Caleb Francom, Nathan Stuart, Blake Burton, Aiden Miles, Alex Scott, Keith Lewis, Ryan Scott, Shelton Burton, Anna Clark, Mat Sheets, Micah Dobbs

Some of the above ensemble actors will also be cast as party guests and house servants.

Children's Theatre Classes

We have begun our Fall Session of drama classes (Sept-Nov 2021) and have openings for actors ages 6 t0 14 on Weds only from 4:15-5:45pm(Tues is full). Tuition is $35/ month. In our weekly class, we learn principles of acting and theatre production in addition to producing a one-act play. Our next session is Jan-Apr 2022. For info, call/text (435)241-8131 or email [email protected]


Contact Us

Posted by Macae Wanberg on 18 December, 2019 at 18:40

Call/Text (435)241-8131 email: [email protected] Facebook: The Old Grantsville Church

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