The Old Grantsville Church

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New Audition and Performance Dates for Pollyana, the Musical

Posted by Macae Wanberg on March 17, 2020 at 2:05 PM

New audition and performance dates for Pollyana the Musical at The Old Grantsville Church are as follows...

Walk In Auditions: April 16 and 17, 6 to 8 pm

Callbacks April 18, 1pm

Performances July 9, 10, 11, and 13


Actors looking for lead parts should prepare a short monologue and a song for audition. Those wanting other parts need only prepare a song.


All auditions will be held at the old church at 297 West Clark Street in Grantsville, UT. Actors ages 6 -100 may audition, but child speaking parts are available only for two children, Pollyanna and Jimmy Bean and a few one-liners for other children. Child actors 12 and under will receive roles as orphans and school girls and will be required to have an adult accompany them to every rehearsal. Teen and adult actors who do not receive speaking roles will also receive roles as townsmen, dancers and singers.



Performances for "Pollyanna the Musical" will be May 28, 29, 30 and June 2. With two performances on Saturday. Call/text (435)241-8131 for information




Leads with speaking parts:



Pollyanna: age 10, or look about that age must sing and dance. Large roll, lots of lines, several songs



Jimmy Bean: age 10 or look about that age must sing and dance



Aunt Polly: middle aged, 40-50 sings



Dr. Chilton: middle aged, 45-55 sings



Mr. Pendleton: 50-70, sings



Nancy: 20-30 sings, dances



Mrs. Snow:: 40-50 sings



Millie; 20-30



Reverend Ford: 30 or older



Tom: older man sings



Letty: older woman sings



Bridgette: 20-30 sings, dances



Timothy: 20-30 sings, dances



Mrs. Potter: 40-70



Mrs. White: 40-70



Ladies Aiders: any age adult



The Matron: any age adult



School Marm: any age adult



6-8 Townsmen: different ages sing and dance



6-8 orphans: ages 6-12 sing and dance



School girls: ages 6-12 sing and dance



Little Pollyanna: age 5-6 looks like Pollyanna



Rev. Whittier: Pollyanna's father, age 30 - 40

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